The vast majority of our trains have low-floor entrances, mobile boarding ramps and disabled-friendly toilets. This applies to vehicles (diesel railway carriages) of type LINT 41. 

In a few exceptional cases, VT 628 vehicles are still used. These do not yet allow handicapped access and do not have the appropriate equipment. 

Even if almost always a LINT railway carriage is used, it is possible to contact the evb customer hotline in Bremerv√∂rde (tel.: 04761 / 9931-50) to find out which type of railway carriage will be used for the desired journey. 

As a passenger, you can therefore be sure whether a LINT vehicle is available for you to travel in. In these railway carriages there are ramps at each at the entrance and exit in the multi-purpose area of the car. Th disabled accessible WC is also installed here. 

If a different type of carriage is on the move, a boarding point should be chosen at the front of the train so that the driver can help quickly. Here, too, there are multi-purpose areas that can be used by wheelchair users. 

When the LINT carriages stop at the platform, it is possible to request the ramp by pressing the request button outside on the left of the door. During the journey, the driver can be advised that there is a wish to use the ramp by pressing the request button located next to the ramp for the disabled. The driver will help with boarding and will enquire about the desired exit point. Direct communication with the driver is also possible via an emergency call button on the door.

The program for the creation of accessibility in the trains of evb is available for download here.

Our modern low-floor buses on the 630, 670, 3860 and predominantly 640 routes ensure easy entry into the bus via a fold-out ramp. The driver will be happy to help you get in and out. On the outside of the bus there is a button which signals the desired use of the ramp.

In the bus itself there is enough space for a wheelchair in the multi-purpose area.

A button at the appropriate height can also be used here to signal the wish to use the ramp.

On other routes, it is possible that vehicles without a low-floor entrance will still be used.