Passenger rights / arbitration body

Passenger rights in rail transport grant passengers equal rights with all railway undertakings and apply to all trains from the S-Bahn to the ICE, irrespective of which railway undertaking operates them. They shall also apply to travel chains consisting of trains of different railway undertakings used with a single ticket. In cooperation with other railways evb participated in the development of the common compensation procedure of all participating railways. All information on compensation claims for train delays, missed connections or cancelled trains can be found at:

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If there is any reason to complain, our employees in Bremervörde are there for you.


SNUB - Die Nahverkehr-Schlichtungsstelle e.V.

However, if you still have the feeling that we have not responded sufficiently or appropriately to your complaint, you can contact "SNUB - Die Nahverkehr-Schlichtungsstelle e.V.". The evb also participates here in the arbitration procedure before this consumer arbitration board. Neutral mediators check whether our clerks made a mistake in their case and whether you have a claim against our company. If the arbitrator decides in your favour, we follow their "verdict". So you can have your case checked free of charge, quickly and relatively easily. If you have complaints about bus transport, the arbitration body is the right place for you too. More information on this and the question of which cases are eligible for arbitration can be found at