Our trains are railway carriages of the Coradia LINT 41  type manufactured by Alstom.

You can see a data sheet with the technical details here.

On the Rotenburg (Wümme) - Verden line, railway carriages of VT 628 type are used, the data on which can be called up here.


Our buses are 18m articulated buses, 15m and 12m vehicles from different manufacturers, but mostly Mercedes-Benz.
Take a look at some example vehicles here:

Public service bus Volvo 8700 LE 2011
Public service bus Mercedes-Benz Citaro LE 2011
Public service articulated bus Mercedes-Benz Citaro O 530 GÜ II
Public service bus Mercedes-Benz O 530 Citaro
Public service bus O 530 L Citaro