Tickets & Tariffs

Mit dem Niedersachsen-Ticket

We explain the fare zones and ticket offers for you here

Tickets for our railway lines and of course beyond are available at our travel agencies and at the ticket machines on the platform. Please note that you must have a valid ticket before boarding. 

Cashless payment is also permitted at the machines (cash card, ec- and credit card), but there is no entitlement to cashless payment. In case of doubt, you must have cash with you. 

You will find the prices from 01.01.18 here.
The season ticket prices can also be viewed here.

The Niedersachsen-Ticket is often a particularly inexpensive alternative, starting at €7.80 per person. Information on that is here

You can travel on our railway lines either at VBN, HVV or Niedersachsen tariffs.
The former are the Verkehrsverbünde Bremen/Niedersachsen (VBN) and the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV).

In the Lower Saxony tariff, you travel on routes outside the network areas or into or out of the networks. You can see an overview map here

Tickets for Lower Saxony are also available here:
•    as an online ticket in the ticket shop at
•    the Niedersachsen-Ticket and the bicycle day ticket also online in the metronom-Shop
•    as a mobile phone ticket via the app "DB Navigator".

Information on the conditions of carriage can be found here.

Tickets for our buses can be purchased directly from the bus driver or from the evb administration in Zeven or from the VBN advance booking offices in Grasberg and Worpswede.

The NiedersachsenTicket is also valid on the buses of the evb, but only in the area of the Verkehrsverbund Bremen/Niedersachsen, VBN. 

You get an overview of all advance booking offices in the VBN here

Click here to go to the HVV service points

In our buses around Bremen the VBN tariff applies and in the north-eastern part of Lower Saxony the ROW tariff of the companies merged in the VNN applies. In the greater Hamburg area, the HVV tariff applies.