With the Niedersachsen-Ticket

With the Niedersachsen-Ticket you can travel cheaply and comfortably - valid on the evb trains everywhere and on the evb buses in the area of the Verkehrsverbund Bremen / Niedersachsen, VBN. Available to buy at all evb automatic ticket machines and from the bus driver.

Of course also otherwise valid on all railway lines in Lower Saxony, Bremen and Hamburg as well as in the traffic associations. For 23,- Euro you travel alone - for only 4,- Euro more per person friends and family come with you!

The new regulation for family trips also means that up to three children between the ages of 7 and 14 can travel free of charge.

Get in and go!

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DB Passenger App

DB Passenger App

Travel together and save money with the DB Passenger App

The DB Passenger App helps you find passengers to travel together with your Niedersachsen ticket. This means that up to five passengers can be found as a group for a particular trip in Lower Saxony, Hamburg or Bremen.

The shared use of the ticket reduces the fare for everyone and five people then pay only € 7.80 per person. So everyone benefits from a particularly low fare!

You don't have to cover the entire distance together. You can also join a group for the trip from the same starting point for part of the route.

Information about the app and free download at

Please note:

•    The Niedersachsen ticket must be purchased before departure and is not available on the train.

•    The names of all passengers must be entered legibly before departure.

•    Subsequent changes to the registered names are not possible. This will invalidate the ticket.

•    Entry to the train only with a valid Niedersachsen- Ticket!

•    The terms of use of the Niedersachsen-Ticket continue to apply.

•    More at