VBN Customer card

For adults to purchase VBN season tickets

You need a customer card if you want to travel with a 7-dayTicket, MonthlyTicket or CompanyTicket. The area of validity in which you want to travel is entered on the customer card. Simply enter your data online via the VBN. With an annual subscription, you receive the electronic "MIA" (Mobil Im Abo) subscription card and no longer need a customer card.

Data input via the VBN

For pupils, students and apprentices at VBN rates

Pupils, students and apprentices can purchase Pupil 7 Day Tickets and Pupil Month Tickets. These season tickets are offered at all price levels. They are personal to the customer. A customer card with a photo is required for the 7-day student ticket and the monthly student ticket. This customer card can be applied for at the evb administration in Zeven with a certificate of the school, study or training centre.

Application online via the VBN