VNN/ROW tariff

Time tickets for pupils in the ROW tariff or in the transitional tariff of VBN and ROW tariff

An authorisation card is required to buy student season tickets (week / month) in the VNN . The student week and month tickets are only valid in conjunction with the authorisation card. They are personal to the customer. The student season ticket can be applied for at the evb administration in Zeven with a certificate from the school, study or training centre or the completed authorisation card can be handed in to the driver.

School season tickets (22 KB)

Adult customer card for the purchase of season tickets

You need a customer card if you want to travel with a 7-dayTicket, MonthlyTicket or CompanyTicket. The area of validity in which you want to travel is entered on the customer card.

Loyalty card adults (33 KB)


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